The Extraordinary Autograph Book


       A journey back...

Back to a genteel time in England.

An era of great change. Reflected in the pages of a 

book with entries signed and dated from 1912 to 1919.

       A finely crafted, leather-bound book--

One hundred pages filled with poetry, prose and

wonderful illustrations reflecting early 20th century

art and literature. A mystery begins with the first page,

a dedication:

       "To dear Violet,"

Signed and dated May 4, 1912

Research reveals that the book was a birthday gift given

to a young woman named Violet, born May 4, 1898.

This would be an ordinary gift to a teenager in the

Edwardian era of England.

What makes this extraordinary are the people -- now

famous, who signed each artistic page!

Violet lived at Kempston Manor in Bedfordshire.
  Her heritage includes talented artists of great renown.
  Her relatives exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.

Research reveals the book was dedicated to Violet Sintzenich.

London photo 1913

The Autograph Book was given
to Violet for her 14th Birthday.

Signed by family and friends in a creative community reflecting

British art, early cinema and literature. Filled with advice,

witty proverbs and original illustrations-.

​From pre-war frivolous flirtations inscribed in 1912.

To a cartoon dated 1919 by a newspaper journalist soldier. 

That soldier returned from WWI and married Violet.


Lilian Amy Govey



     --Original inscription signed by the artist--

British illustrator. Illustrated many children's books

and postcards popular in the early 20th century.

Dame Laura Knight R.A.


     --Original inscription signed by the artist--

British artist. In 1936 she became the first woman elected to

the Royal Academy in London since its foundation in 1768.